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Teetotal Tyneside

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Temperance campaigners battle what they consider an evil as great as war – the demon drink

  1. 6th February 1915

    Scene 1 of 4

    1. A cheerful parting

      Robert must be off to discuss the new sheds and building work with Geoffrey, but he misses Joyce when away

    2. A deal is struck

      As the two men finalise their business, news comes in of a drunken factory worker climbing incomplete scaffolding

    3. A drunk on the scaffolding

      The men discuss how to get Danny down, or at least minimise damage if he falls

    4. Talking Danny down

      Inevitably, the drunken Danny suffers a terrible fall from the scaffolding

  2. 9th February 1915

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. The Chadwicks prepare

      The Chadwick siblings squabble. Do age or gender predict who is now head of the household?

  3. 11th February 1915

    Scene 1 of 4

    1. Farewell to Danny

      There is more strife among the Chadwicks over the 'right' way to remember their father

    2. Temperance and intemperance

      The Chadwicks seem to be divided over the issue of drink and teetotalism

    3. Duncan opens his heart

      We learn more about the Temperance movement's attempts to stop alcohol wrecking lives

    4. Mending family fences

      The Chadwicks reunite in the pub - most of them drinking lemonade

  4. 18th February 1915

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. Remains of a life

      Fraser and Duncan argue over drink and family history

  5. 19th February 1915

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. At home with the Lyles

      Joyce opposes plans to punish women found drinking: Luke is clearly very much in his parents' shadow.

  6. 20th February 1915

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. A bit of a fracas

      Kenny offers to see both of Edie's brothers safely home from the scuffle

  7. 26th February 1915

    Scene 1 of 5

    1. A delegation to Alan

      The men tell Fraser they plan to complain to Alan about Duncan's temperance proselytising

    2. A heated discussion

      Alan agrees to have a word with Duncan about his activities

    3. Comparing notes

      Fraser and Kenny discuss Duncan but also grief, and Fraser's mysterious past dismissal from the shipyard

    4. A victory for Duncan

      Duncan has persuaded Alan to sign the pledge of temperance

    5. Another walk home

      There is a hint, in his friendly overtures to Davy, that Fraser left the shipyard due to a 'misunderstood' friendship

  8. 6th March 1915

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. Luke takes offence

      It turns out Luke saw Esther embracing his (and her) father on the street, leading to much confusion

  9. 10th March 1915

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. Dutch courage

      In the Ballarat, Duncan tries to save Robert from himself, but Robert considers himself beyond redemption

  10. 11th March 1915

    Scene 1 of 2

    1. A bitter irony

      Luke investigates an accidental death without realising the victim is his father, Robert

    2. Joyce must be told

      Luke tells Joyce her husband, his father, is dead

  11. 23rd March 1915

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. The wives reconciled

      Violet has a plan for the funeral and will let Joyce keep her house: teetotal Joyce is overwhelmed, unaware Violet's tea is spiked with alcohol

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