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Adam and Jessie

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Young Adam Wilson forms a bond with the baker's daughter

  1. 8th August 1914

    Scene 1 of 2

    1. The Sunday School Picnic

      Florrie has forbidden Sam from having cake at the picnic. Adam expects double helpings. But Ralph and young Jessie have other ideas.

    2. A discovery, an accident, a disappearance

      Sulking up a tree, Adam spies Ralph and Isabel kissing, falls and breaks his leg. The picnic ends but Sam and Jimmy are missing

  2. 22nd August 1914

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. An eclipse draws the crowds

      Jessie shirks her charitable duties to talk to Adam, whose stiff upper lip is weakening: truths about Victor, Kitty, Ralph and Isabel threaten to emerge

  3. 26th August 1914

    Scene 1 of 5

    1. Another discovery

      Jessie and Adam's friendship grows: Forrester shows Florrie a boy's shoe that has been handed in

    2. Young detectives

      Jessie and Adam stake out the rumoured former German consulate and spy a mysterious figure

    3. Adam's secret

      Adam tells Jessie that he delivered a parcel for the mysterious man - 'Mr. Boot' - a week before war broke out

    4. Jessie and Adam form a plan

      'Mr Boot' gives money to a shabby stranger - 'Laces'. Adam and Jessie follow him to the Harbour

    5. An investigation interrupted

      Jessie and Adam watch 'Laces', until Mickey Macknade arrives spoiling for a fight

  4. 29th August 1914

    Scene 1 of 3

    1. The day of the cake sale

      Albert grumbles about being volunteered for fundraising duty by Florrie: Adam tries to cadge cake

    2. The Cake Sale begins

      Sylvia is in her element presiding over the cake sale; Kitty's pregnancy is starting to show

    3. A false accusation

      Sylvia accuses Jessie of stealing cakes, and even though she is in the wrong, Jessie is compelled to apologise

  5. 2nd September 1914

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. Ralph upbraids Adam

      Ralph finds Adam and Jessie spying on the refugee 'Laces', and explodes when Adam asks about him kissing Isabel

  6. 4th September 1914

    Scene 1 of 3

    1. Police on Patrol

      The two policemen discuss wartime tensions and crime until their quiet patrol is interrupted by Jessie

    2. The dogfight

      Adam is walking a dachshund, a German dog, which is another excuse for the Macknades to attack

    3. Foolish prejudice

      The policeman tells Adam he can't escape stupid people, and he can't go to the harbour to watch the wounded either

  7. 10th September 1914

    Scene 1 of 6

    1. A shocking discovery in the graveyard

      Kitty is utterly thrown when Adam and Jessie show her a dead baby abandoned in the graveyard

    2. Norman investigates

      Seemingly blase about the baby, Adam and Jessie leave Kitty in the vicarage, while the vicar blesses the dead baby

    3. Buns or Germs?

      Jessie has noticed Kitty's thickening middle

    4. A sign of shame

      Florrie sees a grim possible future for Kitty reflected in the current situation

    5. The hider in the toolshed

      The young sleuths find Dieter hiding in the allotment sheds; they steer Norman away from him

    6. Adam shares his news

      Adam gives Kitty the button from Dieter's coat - his promise to see her.

  8. 11th September 1914

    Scene 1 of 4

    1. Kitty takes her frustration out on Adam

      Having failed to find Dieter in the allotment, Kitty vents mild irritation on her younger brother

    2. Jessie raises Kitty's spirits

      Tensions within the Wilson family show through; Adam is getting closer to Jessie

    3. Back to the allotment

      The visitors are surprised in the shed, just as they interpret the clue Dieter left about his whereabouts

    4. Dieter lost?

      Adam leads the police away from his sister, who refuses to believe her German fiance is lost or drowned

  9. 17th September 1914

    Scene 1 of 3

    1. A new recruit for the young sleuths

      From deep despondency, Gabriel is fired by the chance of an adventure involving a missing refugee

    2. A couple reunited

      The upswing of Gabriel's mood continues as they take Ottoline to meet her husband

    3. A couple reunited, part 2

      Adam and Jessie are embarrassed by displays of adult affection: Gabriel continues to behave erratically

  10. 22nd September 1914

    Scene 1 of 3

    1. Albert confronts Florrie

      A disgusted Albert confronts Florrie over lying about Dieter's death

    2. Adam's washing delivery goes awry

      Upset by the row at home, Adam confronts 'Mr Boot' and Ralph with his suspicions

    3. Adam returns disconsolate

      The Wilsons have decided not to tell Kitty that Dieter might be alive: Adam is bearing a lot on his shoulders

  11. 23rd September 1914

    Scene 1 of 3

    1. Henri is missing

      Henri's experiences have clearly affected him badly: the noise of the pub has driven him away

    2. Adam joins the search

      Jessie suggests the Lamberts move to the Bakery if the pub is not suitable: secrets and chagrin prey on Adam

    3. Henri reveals a talent

      Baker Henri was captured with his and Ottoline's sons, and returned to her alone and silent: the Moores offer them a room

  12. 2nd October 1914

    Scene 1 of 3

    1. Kitty and Victor's wedding

      Victor leaves for the front tomorrow, Dorothea is angry with Ralph, Florrie hopes the Grahams will accept Kitty

    2. A sudden scream

      Adam has climbed the bell tower

    3. A chat in the belfry

      Adam is not suicidal but convinced he started the war: he tells Ralph the story of the ten-bob note: Ralph apologises to Adam for lying about Isabel

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