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Kitty's Baby

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Maid Kitty falls pregnant by German expat Dieter on the eve of war

  1. 4th August 1914

    Scene 1 of 4

    1. War is imminent

      Kitty voices concerns for Germans resident in Folkestone and the rest of the UK if war breaks out, but her worries have a deeper cause

    2. Kitty's shock revelation

      Kitty tells Dieter she is pregnant by him, while Dieter announces he wants to return to Germany; panic-buying begins in the shops

    3. Choosing sides

      Kitty and Dieter discuss whether to flee to Germany, and decide to get engaged and tell Kitty's family

    4. War overtakes romance

      Kitty's signalman father Albert warns Dieter not to be seen with Kitty, pre-empting their announcement of marriage

  2. 8th August 1914

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. Sam in trouble

      Sam's mother Florrie discovers his part in the dog-shooting that got his sister Kitty's wages docked. Sam reveals their brother Adam has a mysterious nest egg

  3. 14th August 1914

    Scene 1 of 4

    1. The lovers make a plan

      As other German nationals are arrested, Kitty visits Dieter in hiding in the hotel cellars and he insists they go to London

    2. A photographic adventure

      Lilian asks Kitty and Victor to model for seaside photographs promoting Folkestone


    3. Bathing beauty

      In front of Lilian's lens Kitty and Victor disport themselves by the sea

    4. Crunch time at the train station

      Kitty tells Dieter she can't leave her mother to go to London with him, so Dieter resolves to stay. Kitty persuades her father to get some rest

  4. 19th August 1914

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. What's hiding in the cellar?

      Mr Martindale informs Victor and the soldiers about Hans, the German hiding in the hotel cellar.

  5. 21st August 1914

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. The Wilsons confront Kitty

      The letter Kitty concealed is from Dieter, asking Albert for her hand. Kitty lies to her parents, telling them that Dieter is in a labour camp. Florie and Albert turn their anger with Kitty on each other

  6. 22nd August 1914

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. An eclipse draws the crowds

      Jessie shirks her charitable duties to talk to Adam, whose stiff upper lip is weakening: truths about Victor, Kitty, Ralph and Isabel threaten to emerge

  7. 28th August 1914

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. Kitty caught crying

      Dorothea consoles a weeping Kitty and invites her to confide

  8. 1st September 1914

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. Florrie confronts Kitty

      Florrie has realised the truth of Kitty's pregnancy and worries about the future, but maternal feelings triumph

  9. 3rd September 1914

    Scene 1 of 2

    1. Confidences in the kitchen

      Kitty and Marieke compare notes on men and Germans, until Dorothea interrupts

    2. The young women empathise

      Kitty and Marieke tacitly acknowledge each other's difficulties: Kitty begins to feel maternal bonds

  10. 5th September 1914

    Scene 1 of 4

    1. Matters of love and death

      Gabriel is distracted from the thought of distressed families by Sylvia's matchmaking plans for Victor

    2. Victor speaks his mind

      Sylvia speaks up for the status quo of the class system, but Victor defends Kitty

    3. The matriarchs clash

      Kitty's mother and Victor's aunt discuss the young couple's putative romance

    4. "What's become of the world..."

      The changes to society wrought by war are felt even by the implacable Sylvia

  11. 10th September 1914

    Scene 1 of 3

    1. A sign of shame

      Florrie sees a grim possible future for Kitty reflected in the current situation

    2. The hider in the toolshed

      The young sleuths find Dieter hiding in the allotment sheds; they steer Norman away from him

    3. Adam shares his news

      Adam gives Kitty the button from Dieter's coat - his promise to see her.

  12. 11th September 1914

    Scene 1 of 4

    1. Kitty takes her frustration out on Adam

      Having failed to find Dieter in the allotment, Kitty vents mild irritation on her younger brother

    2. Jessie raises Kitty's spirits

      Tensions within the Wilson family show through; Adam is getting closer to Jessie

    3. Back to the allotment

      The visitors are surprised in the shed, just as they interpret the clue Dieter left about his whereabouts

    4. Dieter lost?

      Adam leads the police away from his sister, who refuses to believe her German fiance is lost or drowned

  13. 15th September 1914

    Scene 1 of 2

    1. A memorial service on the Leas

      Gabriel breaks down, Sylvia steps up, and the Wilsons miss Dieter and Sam

    2. More bodies found

      Florrie reprimands Jack for talking to Joe Macknade during the service: but Joe told him two bodies were washed up, both adults, both English - not Sam, Jimmy or Dieter

  14. 16th September 1914

    Scene 1 of 6

    1. Family condolences

      Victor disagrees with Sylvia over Kitty, and is shocked when Gabriel mistakes him for Freddie

    2. Victor goes courting

      Kitty tries to discourage Victor's advances but she clearly likes him

    3. Sylvia calls

      Sylvia is startlingly rude to Kitty

    4. Sylvia interferes

      Dorothea fails to take Sylvia's objections to Kitty seriously, much to Sylvia's disgust

    5. Champagne for Kitty

      Victor learns his rival is a German, and he has divined Kitty's condition; he offers help

    6. A proposal

      Florrie is overjoyed, Albert nonplussed by Victor's suggestion, but will Kitty accept?

  15. 19th September 1914

    Scene 1 of 7

    1. Florrie is chuffed

      Kitty is surprised that her mother is happy after Jack joined up: Florrie almost reveals the news of the proposal

    2. Judgment of Solomon

      The two women are at loggerheads over Mathieu/Matthew, neither entirely disclosing her hand

    3. Dorothea intervenes

      Kitty denies that she has any interest in Victor

    4. Baby talk

      The conversation of the two maids - and mothers - is interrupted by Dorothea ringing

    5. The gallantry of Victor

      Victor proposes but Kitty turns him down as she does not love him

    6. Kitty's refusal

      The fact that Kitty does not love Victor counts for nothing against her possible shame to Albert and Florrie

    7. News of a death

      Florrie tells Kitty one of the drowned men was Dieter, although Jack previously said the man was English

  16. 22nd September 1914

    Scene 1 of 2

    1. Albert confronts Florrie

      A disgusted Albert confronts Florrie over lying about Dieter's death

    2. Adam returns disconsolate

      The Wilsons have decided not to tell Kitty that Dieter might be alive: Adam is bearing a lot on his shoulders

  17. 26th September 1914

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. Kitty and Victor reach an understanding

      Victor proposes to Kitty before going to the front, confesses his illegitimacy and penury, and promises their union will be platonic; Kitty accepts

  18. 2nd October 1914

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. Kitty and Victor's wedding

      Victor leaves for the front tomorrow, Dorothea is angry with Ralph, Florrie hopes the Grahams will accept Kitty

  19. 3rd October 1914

    Scene 1 of 3

    1. Dieter lives!

      Albert and Florrie must decide whether to tell the newly married Kitty about Dieter's survival and continued love for her

    2. Victor leaves for the front

      Adam is confused by Kitty's distress at Victor's departure: he offers her his last aniseed ball

    3. Florrie is overwrought

      Florrie is not sure what to hope or wish for: Albert consoles her with 'good' news from the front

  20. 2nd December 1914

    Scene 1 of 6

    1. News of a happier homecoming

      Kitty and Florrie make flustered preparations for Victor's return on leave: Tom has made something for Kitty's imminent baby

    2. Another letter

      Tom shows Kitty a letter from Dieter, proving he is alive and revealing Florrie's deception


    3. Kitty confronts Florrie

      Kitty is furious that Florrie concealed Dieter's letter from her; Florrie pleads that she acted in Kitty's interest

    4. Kitty makes a request

      Tom fears Kitty will go looking for Dieter despite the advanced state of her pregnancy


    5. Finding the photograph

      Kitty is indeed planning to search for Dieter: she feels she can't go home so Lilian suggests renting a room on Victor's allowance


    6. A misunderstanding

      When heavily pregnant Kitty tries to rent a room, Mrs Edkins assumes she is a prostitute or unmarried - and is briskly put right


  21. 10th December 1914

    Scene 1 of 5

    1. Victor comes back from the front

      Victor returns on Florrie's birthday with a flirtatious fellow officer, to learn of the rift between his wife and mother-in-law

    2. Man's talk

      Victor's fellow officer oversteps the mark, eulogising the sexual charms of the "serving class" and the danger of infection from prostitutes.

    3. A difference of opinion

      A friend's desire to get her son enlisted reveals Sylvia's new ambivalence about war: she tells Victor to bring Kitty to her house; Toby flirts with Esme:

    4. The newlyweds reunited

      Victor is disturbed to see where Kitty is living and persuades her to come to his aunt's house: Kitty keeps quiet about the rift with her mother

    5. Awkwardness at the Grahams'

      Kitty has little to say amid the Graham family banter: Gabriel makes it worse by asking her to fetch tea; Toby charms his way into the family's affections

  22. 11th December 1914

    Scene 1 of 2

    1. Breakfast discussions

      Again treated like a servant by Gabriel, Kitty accepts Isabel's offer of escape in her car

    2. A dangerous journey

      Isabel apologises to Kitty for her family's behaviour and expresses concern for Esme - her driving is no better

  23. 22nd December 1914

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. An outrageous proposal

      Kitty rejects an offer of £70 from Aunt Phyllis to allow the baby to be raised by the Lumley/Marshall family: Albert interrupts to ask Kitty to come home

  24. 6th January 1915

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. The Wilsons encounter Phyllis again

      Amid a Wilson reunion, Phyllis explains that she would like to pay for Kitty's baby - if it is a boy - to attend Wellington College

  25. 9th January 1915

    Scene 1 of 4

    1. The Graham house in uproar

      Kitty has been invited for tea but Phyllis is nowhere to be seen: meanwhile Isabel and Juliet and her children are in a flurry of preparation

    2. A meeting at the Tobacconist's

      Kitty and Miranda chat - one with a husband at war, one with a son going, a mother-to-be and a mother

    3. Kitty's waters break

      As she goes into labour, Kitty worries about Dieter and her lack of preparation: Florrie is all businesslike excitement

    4. It's a boy

      Kitty's son, Peter Samuel, also has a secret name - Emil - that was Dieter's choice. Kitty decides to conceal the birth and nest at home for a month

  26. 19th June 1915

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. 3

      Kitty discovers that Esme posted for a picture with Peter in the newspaper, and that it was Mickey who scared Adam to death when they shared a cell.

  27. 27th May 1915

    Scene 1 of 1

    1. 4

      Kitty places an ad in the paper telling Dieter the acorns / baby's name is Peter


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